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If you are a scientist at a research institution we will support you in setting up the optimized CO-rebreathing method with SpiCO in your laboratory.

We offer the “Starter Kit 100” which includes all necessary items and the knowledge to conduct the method (blood gas analyser and a CO gas tester are not included).

The Starter Kit 100 includes the following items:

  • 1 custom-made glass Spirometer
  • 100 Mouthpieces
  • 100 Anti-bacterial filters
  • 10 Rebreathing bags (3 L)
  • 10 Noseclips
  • 1 Syringe-set to administer CO
  • Calculation software
  • Online Manual
  • Online Video Tutorial
  • Technical Support
  • Access to the member area

The consumables last for 100 measurements.

Beside the online video based tutorial we also offer personal trainings in our laboratory for you or your group (up to 3 people).

Important note:
The spirometer is no medical equipment! Its application is therefore allowed for healthy subjects and scientific purposes only. If you like to apply the method in patients please contact us to discuss the procedure.


  • Starter Kit 100: 3395,- €
    With the purchase of the Starter Kit 100 you can also purchase additional spirometers or consumables. You will find the price list in the customer area. 
  • Practical training on site in Bayreuth (4h): 750,-€
  • Additional spirometer: 745,-€

Please note that the shipping and handling fee is not included in the prices above.

To place a purchase order, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it including your shipping and billing address as well as your VAT if applicable.

Additional equipment:
Blood gas analyser
To conduct the method you additionally need a blood gas analyser, which accurately analyses the carbon monoxide concentration bound to haemoglobin (COHb%) and the appropriate equipment to collect capillary blood samples. The accuracy of the blood gas analyser should not be less than ± 0.1%. We recommend the analyzer "OSM-3" of the company Premarin online. In case this analyzer is not available anymore (Radiometer stopped its production) the follow-up model "ABL80 Flex CO-OX - OSM version" of the same company is recommended (technical specifications).

CO gas tester
A CO gas tester is required to measure the CO gas concentration in the air in ppm. It should have a measurement range of at least 0-2000ppm and a resolution of 1ppm. We currently recommend the Dräger PAC 7000 (technical specifications).
Should you decide to work with Dräger PAC 7000 you additionally need to order the "calibration adapter", one-way mouthpieces and the corresponding flexible tube.

The marker gas carbon monoxide should have at least a purity of 3.7 (99.97%). You need ~120-200ml CO for each measurement including flushing of the syringe (3 x 30-40ml). We recommend small bottles (e.g. 1 litre, 12bar) for security reasons. The oxygen should be designed for medical use.

Soda lime
Please use a type of soda lime which does not lead to formation of carbon monoxide during the rebreathing procedure. We recommend to use Drägersorb Free (technical specifications).

We are pleased to inform you in detail about this additional equipment.